I'm Michael. I'm broadly excited about computers and think we're only on the cusp of realizing their potential. I've fluctuated between being an engineer, founder, and investor and am mostly attracted to people doing new, weird things with technology.

Current work

  • I'm an early investor in 30+ startups and actively invest out of a small early stage fund.
  • I enjoy collecting and making computer art.

Past work

  • I created Founder Focus Group, a program that supports Interact founders in the nascent days of exploring founding a company. 80+ founding teams have participated to date.
  • In 2014, I co-founded an intelligent assistant company, Clara Labs, with Maran Nelson. We sold the company in 2019 in an unconventional two-part aquisition to Twitter and Teamable.
  • Before that, I was the 11th employee as a hardware engineer at Misfit Wearables, where I helped stand up an assembly and test factory in Korea and ship the Shine's v1 firmware preceding its acquisition by Fossil Group.
  • While studying EE/CS at UT Austin, I started HackTX, spent multiple summers interning at Apple, and worked part-time for Gilman Louie and Stewart Alsop's venture fund for three years.
  • I'm from Texas, where I got started in computing by programming iOS games for the early app store.

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